Views is a media company covering all the news in regard to urban culture, such as music, fashion, cinema, as well as editorial design and plastic art. It also materialized through a monthly magazine. In 2016, they founded their production agency to be able to publish more high-quality video content, in order to gain user engagement and loyalty. Views is intended to guarantee the proper transmission of the actualities that dictate the evolution of the urban landscape, by making it accessible to all.



Urban culture never had gained the recognition it deserves from mainstream media and businesses, despite it’s amazing evolution over the years. In 2014, when Views was founded, it was one of a few media on the internet that dealt with this culture as a whole. Despite their effort they were not visible and well-known, due to the lack of staff, resources and time. Even though, we have seen a real enthusiasm (especially with social networks) develop around these disciplines, coming straight from the urban space. It brings together and unifies classes and colors around a single lifestyle. Gradually, more and more brands have therefore dared to start collaborating with these artists/athletes from more modest backgrounds. As a result, companies have realized the strength, efficiency and influence of urban culture. Today you can find it everywhere!

My role

As a UI/UX Designer, I joined forces with another UI/UX designer who I met during my masters. Our personal approach was to propose a digital overhaul of the Views interface. To make all this effort and investment a success, a new digital product had to be created that matched the ambitions. Therefore, we worked closely together, throughout the creation process, from user research, ideation of new features to the design of the layouts and prototypes. The goal was to create a website that meets current needs: usage (laptop, tablet, mobile), ergonomics (good practice) and experience, while offering innovative concepts.



Rethinking the interface in a user-centered approach, in order to offer a service that best meets the user's expectations/needs and allows them to live a customised experience. In addition, a brand identity overhaul had to be carried out as part of this momentum of renewal. The goal was to increase traffic and time spent on but also to retain new users and increase its popularity with the general public.


Views's new identity draws its inspiration from the logos of American colleges. Through its sport teams and athletes, they are linked to the urban movement and are very strongly seen as emblems of the hip-hop movement, helping to popularize this new culture on a global scale.


The design process started with the analysis of the existing Views website, their competitors, and the user experience within those sites. This was done, in order to gain a better understaning of the foundations of each and to be able to highlight existing design issues. In addition, research on current uses, followed by a survey, which was launched on social networks, was done. This allowed us to collect valuable information, that contained numerous insights from the users, that we took advantage of. Later, an ideation session took place, with the aim to find new differentiating axes, whether through the creation of new functionality, sections, content etc... Rich from various ideas, we then created paper wireframes in order to be able to iterate quickly, in order to make our interface evolve.


A clean and airy interface was designed that makes it easy, due to a meticulously designed structure and organization, accentuating the affordability of searchable content, to find your way. It allows both to understand, but also to easily appropriate the functionalities that are available for the user in order to derive their full utility.


The creation of new sections, customizable by means of a tagging system, allows the user to define an interface that corresponds to the user and that meets his desires. This feature is both practical and judicious, because it saves considerable time and it best meets it’s users in demand for relevant content. It thus counterbalances the infinite scroll set up, establishing a pleasant symbiosis.


A display of article content, that comes to light in modular and adaptive maps, allows faster consultation of the information sought. It is always in this quest for optimization, by avoiding any redirection that could result in a decrease of users. Furthermore, it is allowing the users to open multiple articles simultaneously, adding more flexibility to the experience.


An optimal mobile experience, with a flexible presentation of the content adaptable to any device, was well thought out in the upstream phases.


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